How do I work planning with Meals in diff parks or Downtown Dis on same day

I asked this 2 years ago and was told this was a feature that was coming back in 2015. We have park hopper we are staying on property, I imagine a lot of people do this so how can I get that into my planning here. Is there a check box or something I am missing?

You are creating a touring plan and you want to account for the fact that you are park hopping for a meal or going to Disney Spring?

Just schedule it as a long break. You have to make a separate plan if going to do rides in a second park.

No just might park hop for meals at lunch time then take a break so kids dont die of heatstroke in June :slight_smile: Trying to hit all the faves for kids and wife

@principaltinker yes some might be at Disney Springs, like a evening dinner before fireworks and back to park.

Great plan! We even need a break the first week of April, Florida heat and humidity is very hard on us wimpy hot weather Northwesterners! We are more cut out for the snow. :wink:

If coming back to the same park, just plan a long break and indicate leaving the park. If going to a different park, end your TP when you plan on leaving, and then start a new one for when you arrive at the second park. Obviously, no TP needed for DS.

The necessity to have to make a different touring plan to create plans to park hop may make logical sense, but doesn’t make practical sense at all.