How Do I 'Waste' the 3rd FP

My daughter and I have park hopper passes and want to visit AK just for two rides: EE & AFP. Then we want to go to MK for the rest of the day. We plan to get FP for both but we have to use the 3rd before we can book one for MK right? Any suggestions on how to handle this? How do we ‘waste’ the 3rd?

You can just book the 2 you want. As soon as you tap into the first one, you can book the 3rd in MK.


AFP?? What is AFP??

I’m guessing “Avatar: Flight of Passage” or what we usually refer to as FoP.

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Ah. Love “creative” acronyms. Lol.


Oh so sorry I’m just getting used to the acronyms!! Yes! FoP

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Thanks so much! We are traveling on a projected level 5 day for both AK and MK. So we will get advanced for FoP and EE first thing AM in AK - After we tap in for FoP, we will get our third (unused) FP for SM in MK hopefully around 9-9:15. What are the chances (and around what time) do you think we could get the SM FP in MK?

Just to confirm: We are allowed to get the third FP as long as we didn’t get all three in advance. However, we are not allowed to get a 4th until all three are used. So we can’t get another until we tap in to SM at MK right?

Yes that’s right.

As for time, it’s really going to depend how early you can get FOP. You need to be looking at least day 5 to get an early FP. You shouldn’t have any trouble with EE, and if it’s your second FP you might even be able to move it earlier as soon as you tap in to FOP. But I would leave an hour between the time you think you’ll get off your last ride in AK and the 3rd FP.

You can have 3 FP booked in advance, as long as they are at one park. But correct that you can’t get a 4th until you tap in for your 3rd (or, you can’t make a FP at another park until you have tapped in to your last FP at your current park, so even if you only make 2 at AK, as another person commented, once you tap in to your 2d you can make a 3rd anywhere else).

You don’t have to tap into the second - only the first, then you can book in another park.


You can also do an edit on the fly once you’ve tapped into your first FP if you want to change to a second and third FP at a different park. The rule on the fourth FP is correct, you can’t do that until you have tapped into your third.

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Ah - So what you’re saying is that if we ride FoP and realize we don’t really need the FP for EE, we can just wait on the regular queue for EE and change that FP for a one in MK and then have a third for MK also?


Yes, that is correct.

You can also decide to try and modify your FP for EE to an earlier time once you’ve ridden FoP. This works as well (subject to availability), allowing you to use another FP before the first one technically expires.