How do I switch tickets and FPs

I have two trips planned - one in late July and one in early December (both non-peak ticket times).

I was originally thinking that I was going to spend one day in the park for the trip in July so I bought a one day park ticket and made my three FP+ (including FOP).

I now want to actually spend two days in the parks for the trip in July. What I would like to do is to buy a two day ticket and save the one day ticket for the trip in December. Is it possible to transfer the 3 FPs that I have already made from the one day to a new 2 day and save the one day for the later trip?

I don’t want the turnstile to automatically charge the one day ticket for my trip in July and leave me hanging with the two day…

Thoughts on how I can do this?

Transfer the ticket you don’t want to use to a separate profile on your MDE. When your first trip is over transfer it back to your profile. Or call Disney to ask them to prioritize the tickets in the order you want. After you scan for entry go to guest services to double check the correct ticket was used. Personally I would transfer to a holding profile on MDE.