How Do I request a crib?

I thought I remembered a place to do it with pre-check in, but now I can’t find it?
Also. Has anyone had trouble with them not having enough cribs and denying your request? We are staying at AOA if that makes a difference.

You can request a pack-n-play or bed rails at any time ahead of your stay. It’s probably best to both call to add the request to your reservation and ask at the front desk at check in. I don’t believe the resorts have full size cribs.

In my experience AoA was very slow to get requested items to our room so it might not be there when you arrive. However, I think I read somewhere that Disney resorts guarantee access to a pack n play but don’t quote me on that.

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The website says supplies are limited, but hopefully they aren’t too limited.

Ok, I decided on renting a full size crib so disregard the question. Thanks :slight_smile:

Just for future reference, Disney does not guarantee that there will be a pack and play available. When I called to request both a pack and play and bed rails, CMS make sure to tell you that there is no guarantee. Also, they don’t put them in your room in advance in case a change of room is made at check in.

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Where did you rent a full size crib?

At a company called A Baby’s Best Friend

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Do you have contact info for your crib provider? We may be interested in doing the same thing.

Never mind. Hooray for Google: Awesome.

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I’ll just add what my family does. You can bring your own pack n play as a checked bag. Kind of expensive if you have to pay for the bag, but we fly southwest.

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Yep that’s the one. :slight_smile: