How do I make my MK touring plan avoid Frontierland during the parade

Making my preliminary MK plan for August. I want to head to Frontierland after our 5 pm ADR and finish up in Tomorrowland during the last hours of the evening. I don’t have my FPs yet, but even when I enter “fake FPs” , the plan isn’t using them. It still wants me to ride Splash Mtn and Haunted Mansion during the parade. That, I’m sure, will not be a good idea! I’d like to start in Frontierland/Liberty Square about 6pm, do and finish up in Tomorrowland. How can I force my plan to put me in the land I want to be in at approximate times?A fake ADR?

You can create a custom plan and put the attractions wherever you want them on the plan.

move rides to where you want them using the web site ( drag and drop) then use evaluate instead of optimise)

Thanks. I realize I can custom make and evaluate but I was wondering if there was another method so I can optimize. When in the parks, I feel optimizing is good because anything can go wrong with a plan, like running late or a ride breaking down.

Hmmmm…since touring plans desperately wants to put me in the middle of parade crowds, is there a very particular time I should absolutely NOT be in Frontierland/Liberty Square? I mean, maybe it can be done, but I just don’t know the ins and outs of it all.

Why don’t you add watching the parade to your plan even though that’s not what you want to do. Or add a snack at a spot in Tomorrowland for that time.