How do I know which room I am allowed to request?


Currently planning our July Walt Disney World-trip. We have booked a preferred room at Port Orleans Riverside. Now, when I use the Room Finder, I can see that there are four preferred buildings at Riverside: 15, 14, 18 and 27.

However, when I select one of these rooms, the Room Finder asks me to confirm if I have really booked a room with two queen beds and a pull-down Murphy, and if I have really booked a room with a river view.

Now, when looking at my reservation, it only makes mention of a “preferred room”. No mention of any kind of view or a murphy bed. Does this mean that I am not allowed to request a room with a river view? Or am I allowed to request any type roomin the preferred buildings, regardless of its view? Same thing with the murphy bed - I have trouble finding a room that does not have a murphy bed - should my reservation with Disney explicitly mention this murphy bed situation for me to be able to request a room that has one? Or do most or all rooms come equipped with these? The feedback in the Room Finder about these two things confuses me.

Thank your for all your help! If you have any room recommendations within this category (we prefer not to be near the parking lot as we’ll be using Disney transportation): always welcome!

You can request any room that is Preferred. Preferred is its own booking category without regard for view.