How Do I Do This?

I’m about to create my first real touring plan ever!
When i discovered this website i always used their data to create my own touring plan so never used their ‘TP create tools.’ However since we’re going during 1 of the busiest time of the year, curious on what their algorithms would recommend.
With that said… where in the heck do i start??
What are the limitations of the tool? I’ve read it doesn’t account for rope drop and people use all types of tricks to account for this. What about when you have a large party and want to tagteam attractions close to one another - is there a way to account for this?
Playing around w/it for about 15 mins i’ve already discovered that i like to see what it recommends 1st before going back in and adding my meals if just doing QS.
Anything else i need to be aware of going into this?

In my experience, you have already figured out the limitations. You need to schedule a “Break” for the RD and try to be accurate with the amount of time you think it will take. Plenty of posts and liners here can give you some good estimates depending on the attraction. As far as splitting up your party, you would really either need to have two separate plans, or just choose the more popular (read: longer wait attraction) so that the plan would optimize. I think that would be a good move there. I use a break for RD and one attraction while we split up on mine.


One thing to be aware of is that a break will always have 1 min walk time to and from it. So say you are on MS and put a 10 min break in after (to throw up if you’re unfortunate :joy:) and the next step of your plan is let’s say lunch in the USA. The plan will have you arrive in the USA 12 mins after you get off MS, when in actual fact you’re still there, taking your break.

A way round this is to put it in as a meal instead of a break so the software knows where you are in the park and can correctly calculate your walking time. Or if you know that it will take you 20 mins to walk, make the break 30 mins instead of 10.


Thanks for the info! So far i got 3 plans and i’m only on my 1st park :woman_facepalming:t4:

At this rate i’ll end up w/18 plans… hopefully this is normal :woman_shrugging:t4:



I don’t know about “normal” but it’s definitely what happens to me!! :grin:

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I did the same…had 2 to 3 plans per park day, plus cloned days when I wanted to ;play around with shifting a plan from one day to another.

Once you better settle into an acceptable plan, you can start to delete the ones you know you won’t use.

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