How do I choose?

Headed to WDW in August. Thinking about MK fireworks. Should I do the dessert party with the fireworks afterwards, the fireworks party with the desserts afterwards, the dessert party on the ferry, or a cruise on one of the smaller boats? I’m assuming that on the boats, you can’t see the projections on the castle and that it is a much longer time commitment. However, on the ferry there is drinking involved (going with my 20 something kids). And in any case, dessert is good. I would welcome any input on this very perplexing question.

For me personnaly I’d choose the boat, as there’s alcohol and no crowds.

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We just got back and watched it twice. I’d say if you are going to watch it, go somewhere you can see the projections on the castle. We watched it once from the Hub with 20,000 of our closest friends and thought it was amazing. It was the best nighttime show on property by leaps and bounds in our opinion.
We watched it a second time with a bottle of wine from the California Grill and it just wasn’t the same. The show is still very cool and the view is really awesome from up there but for us Illuminations inside World Showcase is better than the MK fireworks from outside the park.


I just checked out the Ferrytale Fireworks Dessert cruise and if that is the one you were talking about it looks like it is closed from July-mid October.

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Last year I did desserts then HEA. That was great, but this year I’m trying HEA then desserts — the timing works better for me.

I also did HEA from CG and thought that was a bust.

Because HEA is all about the projections so you need to be close enough to see them.

Personally, I think HEA is worth paying for a decent view. I would always opt for a dessert party to see it. Specifically the Plaza Garden view. The Tomorrowland Terrace view isn’t as good (in my opinion) and it costs more.

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I have not done any but i feel if you want to do HEA it is about the projections. So do the in park party. Either before or after.

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