How do I add Free Time to each attraction?

After each ride, there is always a shop with souvenirs geared to that specific ride. My wife loves to peruse these shops. I want to build in 10 to 15 minutes after each attraction so she can do this.

The TPs just has you go from attraction to attraction without taking in everything else that is around you. I tried inserting breaks, but that messed up the TP and starting building in Free Time in the attractions that was longer than the breaks I was adding. I would then delete the Break and Optimize and the Free Time was now gone.

If I wasn’t already bald, I would have torn my hair out by now.

I want to build in 10 minutes of free time to every attraction. How do I do that?

You might try changing your walking speed to slowest? If you don’t optimize, you can just evaluate and it won’t rearrange your breaks.

I am already set for slow walking speed. That is my wife’s normal walking speed. Drive’s me nuts. I walk ten steps and wait for her to catch up.

2 miles an hour would be running speed for her.

An option for you would be to set up a touring plan with what you want to do for the day and Optimize it, making sure that you have enough overall Free Time to accommodate DW. If after an attraction she does not linger, then go straight to the next scheduled one. If she does linger for a significant time, then re-Optimize when you think that she is just about ready to finish. Just remember to tick off attractions as being “Done” before you re-Optimize, and tick off the one you just finished last so that the software knows where you are.

EDIT: Oh, and I feel your pain bro. DW’s default walking speed feels like reverse to me, and if I slow down, she slows down even more.

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How would that work with FPs?

So I gather that I can’t add Free Time.

I would pick good strategic FPPs. You may find that initially the plan will not use them, but as you go along re-Optimizing it will start using them. If you reach a point where you have an FPP that is “active” but not being used, you can call an audible and do that attraction if it makes sense to you.

Nope. @len has been threatening to add a feature for certain attractions (like WS pavilions) where you can specify how long you want to spend there instead of the default time. Maybe a “My DW is a shopoholic, add XX minutes to this attraction” drop down would be in order here too. While we are at it, a “My family has to pee after every attraction” tick box that puts bathroom breaks between every plan step would be a most excellent addition.


The closest Ive managed is putting in another extra break every 2Hrs for 20 minutes.(its not really a break but is the catch up time needed) This really helped us last trip. You could possibly try adding a10 minute break every hour instead between attractions .Copy your plan and play about with it. It can be quite time consuming

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This is a good idea too - this way you would not have to re-Optimize as much. I would only do it each time I reached one of the breaks and only if we were really off-plan at that point.

You might consider also adding the attraction twice. I tried that with one of my plans. Instead of riding twice, the second time would be for browsing. The TP almost always puts both rides back to back (which sometimes is a pain, but this time could work in your favor.)


[quote=“davper, post:3, topic:16413”]
I am already set for slow walking speed[/quote]

Having made touring plans to accommodate others that don’t move at quite the same pace that I do, I wish their were a slower walking speed, something akin to “glacial”.

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Or “4-year-old who runs in circles when she sees anything sparkling” LOL