How do I add a IOA/US plan to my touring plan?

I have added all of my WDW parks and touring plans for my vacation but I’m stuck on how to add IOA/US for my fifth day.

If you go to your dashboard on the website you can “add a trip” on that day. Add your Uni day there. Will that work?

I will try that. Thanks. I was just surprised they didn’t make it easier to add a USR/IOA touring plan onto a weekly touring plan.

The personalized touring plan software is limited to one park and one date per plan. Thus you cannot have multiple days or parks in a single plan.

We may add that sort of functionality in the future since it’d be useful at Universal Orlando and at Disneyland, where the parks are fairly close together. For now, one workaround is to create separate plans for the different parts of the day you plan to spend at each park. For example, you might have an Islands of Adventure plan for the 9 AM to 1 PM and a Universal Studios Florida plan for 1:15 PM to 6:00 PM. This obviously does not optimize your entire day across both parks, but it can still help.

Thanks for clearing this up…it’s very disappointing however. Your “standard” plans in the book work better than the customized ones…we were trying to do an all Harry Potter the first day and “everything else” the second day, but couldn’t start with your standard version and customize it to work for us. Wasted the additional $6.95 I think.