How do Florida Resident tickets work

I’m curious how the Florida Resident tickets work. I mean, I know they require proof of residency, but my parents live in Florida. Can they BUY the tickets and then give them to us, or do they require that the people actual using them at the gate show proof of residency?

I’m guessing not. But I was curious since, on the UT website, it says this:

“Proof of a residential Florida address will be required to be shown at the time of exchange.”

I wasn’t sure what was meant by “time of exchange”.

Your parents can only buy them for any family members who live at their address. Not only will they have to collect them, the people they have bought them for will have to show photo ID and proof of the same address.

They could buy them for their grandchildren though, as ID is not required for minors.

Okay. I mean, it makes sense, because I figure anyone and their brother could find a Florida resident to buy tickets for them, I guess!

That might work if my parents were going themselves. But if my parent bought tickets for my children as Florida residents, and we got up to the gate, they would likely be a little suspicious if we do NOT have Florida resident tickets, but the kids do.

Anyhow, it was more out of curiosity than anything when I read that note about “time of exchange”.

There was an episode of Backside of Magic over the last year where Jeremy talked about having his mother buy his daughter a Florida resident AP. Mother had to be there to activate the AP, but after that the grandparents did not need to be present with kids.

On the Moms Panel site someone asked the same question about tix - answer there was same as Nickysyme: grandparents will need FL resident ID to purchase tix, but do not need to be there for kids to use them.