How Do Enter an Event (ie Fireworks Show) in TP?

What’s the best way to enter an event in my personalized TP?

If it is something that is not available in the picklist (fireworks should be), then set up a break at the designated time.

Not sure what types of things are not in the interface, though. WDW has pretty much everything, so I would think that DLR would be the same.

Thank you! So far I have not found fireworks in the DLR Lines, but I figured I would need to create a break for the events. I just wanted to check.

Also depends when you’re here. Unlike WDW, Fantasmic & FWs are not every night. During school year, they’re only Fri-Sun nights.

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Good point! Although I do not have DLR Lines to confirm this, it is probably why it is not showing up for the day in question.

Thank you! I thought that too.