How do Citypass tickets work at Disneyland?

My husband’s employer sponsors a Disney attraction, and we were able to purchase tickets at a discount as an employee benefit. We could even purchase Citypass tickets at an even greater discount through his employer than simply purchasing Disneyland tickets through them and a greater discount than what Citypass already offers. We’ve printed the email confirmation and have been told to bring that to the ticket booth to receive our Citypasses/tickets. We’d like to take care of this the night we arrive. How late are ticket booths open to handle such things? My other question is about the tickets themselves. Will they be paper? Plastic as at WDW? Will we be able to link them together as we did at WDW? We have five children. Attempting to get seven fastpasses individually will be a royal pain. At WDW, we were able to perform one transaction and get passes for our entire family. I’m concerned that we won’t be able to all get fastpasses at the same time or that the process will be so cumbersome that it will be more trouble than it’s worth. Please advise.

The ticket booths are typically open as late as the park, maybe even a little longer.

I’m not sure if the tickets will be paper or plastic, I’ve seen both. Last time we were with someone who used the Citypass it was 3 yrs ago and they were paper.

As for the linking and faspasses, Disneyland still uses a paper Fastpass system so each ticket still has to be manually inserted into a kiosk. If you have one person go into the kiosk area and insert all the tickets into the machine at once, you should have no problem getting all 7 at the same time. Some of them may be 5 minutes later than the first ones pulled but typically they allow you to show up 5 min before and 15 min after of the return times so it should be fairly easy to return all at the same time.


Thank you!

You’re welcome!