How Disney Built America

Edited: on the HISTORY CHANNEL

I saved the episodes to my DVR and have been watching them slowly. If you haven’t seen this series yet, it is well worth the watch! Lots of Disney history, obviously, but also the connections and influence the company has had on technology and merchandising and things of that nature is astounding!


I just watched the first 3 episodes yesterday! So good!


:heart: My daughter has been watching Food that built America on the History Channel and was so excited when the Disney version started. She insisted I start watching too. I cried on both episodes I watched last night. Walt and Roy buying the land in Florida. And the episode with Kay Kamen. Beautifully told stories :blush:


I found myself wondering if there is any relation to Dean Kamen because of the way their minds seem to work.


Ooh, thanks for the heads up. Somehow missed this one!


Interesting that I can’t find it on Disney+? And when I look it up it says it’s on History channel (paid) but not Disney+… that seems really odd

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Wait wait you’re right

Not D+
Not Nat Geo

Definitely on the History Channel


Sorry! Will correct!

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Ahh, that explains it.

and Darn it - annoys me no end that the History Channel is not on YouTubeTV.

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Sorry :frowning:


Last year there was a deal for the HistoryVault streaming service and I binge-watched 2 solid seasons of Oak Island in a month. I’ll probably do that again eventually. :smiley:


From wiki for Dean

Kamen was born in 1951 Long Island, New York, to a Jewish family.[6] His father was Jack Kamen, an illustrator for Mad , Weird Science and other EC Comics publications. During his teenage years, Kamen was already being paid for his ideas; local bands and museums paid him to build light and sound systems. His annual earnings reached $60,000 before his high school graduation.[2]

Kay Kamen
From wiki
Kamen was born January 27, 1892, in Baltimore, Maryland to Russian-Jewish parents, and spent his early life working as a merchant and an advertising man.[2] Kamen was the youngest of four children. He did not finish high school and spent time in a juvenile penitentiary. His first work was selling mink hats in Nebraska in his twenties. He appeared to be a good salesman.[1]

I bet Henry Gates Jr could find a connection.


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In know for sure that Spectrum currently works and that Hulu worked in the past. Hopefully D+ → Hulu works but those who are suffering from the Signed-in, Kicked-Out, Change Password and Sign-in again dance with Disney IT may have to add more to your dance-card.