How did this site begin?

I want to say it’s a brilliant site. Not only the planning tools but the advice available full stop

I’m really intrigued how it began?

Was it the result of a hobby that developed into something more?

Was it a planned website that was always going to be a business?

If so how many staff does the website employ now

Or is it still a hobby that now pays for itself for the founders

Or is it a fully fledged business where the founders have made a fortune etc?

I assume there are ongoing costs to monitor all the changes in the parks etc?

Regardless of the answers whoever’s idea this initially was I applaud you


I think if you go to a podcast player (like iTunes) and search Len Testa you can find some podcasts where Len explains some of your questions. @len, are there any articles that answer some of these questions?

The book came first, as is usually the case. The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World by Bob Sehlinger and Len Testa was the starting point for Touring Plans.

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But the software came before that right? I think there are so many layers…

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That’s probably true. It wasn’t public though, right?

From what I have read, Len started all this with doing his PhD. He would walk around Magic Kingdom and record the times listed and had friends that would record the times they were in line and he matched those up. The computer program did come before the book. Here is a link about all this and how it started.


Now that has to be the best idea EVER for a PhD :joy:

I can just imagine the conversation:

LT: “I have this idea about wait times at WDW, it would be a fascinating study …”

Tutor: “Hmmmmmm, I’m not sure I see the interest quite frankly”

LT: “I think there would be, it’s a major vacation destination”

Tutor: “How long would you need to record the data for, and how many people would be needed to test the accuracy?”

LT: “Around 2 years? And I have some volunteers already”

Tutor: “Fine. Only 1 condition - add me to your test team!”


Every time I scroll past this thread, I hear the title in my head sung in Rapunzel’s voice:

“… and I keep wonderin’ and wonderin’ and wonderin’ and wonderin’ how did this site begin?”

It is possible that I might need a break from Disney for a while…


Not a thing. :wink: