How critical is the stroller rain cover in Aug/Sept?

Hi, We’re traveling August 29-Sept. 6.

How critical is it to get the stroller rain cover? The only one that will fit my Britax double stroller is about $50! ouch. But I know it can rain a lot this time of year.

Is it a must-have?

Most likely it will rain at some time just about every day. $50 is just about 1/2 of what it would be to rent a stroller that comes with a free cover!

I have heard of people using shower curtains and clothes pins!

We were given a “universal” single one but it was very helpful when we went in September (something like the $20 one below). You really just want it to keep everything dry when it downpours, I wouldn’t necessarily plan on having your kids be in it, so I don’t think an exact fit one would be necessary.

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If you are bringing your own stroller, I would definitely get a cover for it - it doesn’t just rain, it’s an absolute deluge. We always rented strollers that came with covers, but whenever we forgot to put it on I was really glad we weren’t taking those strollers home with us! :joy:


Good to know. I guess my hesitation is that I doubt I’d ever use it again after the trip! In my 13 years of raising babies I have not needed to buy one yet!

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You need something for this trip!

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:slight_smile::+1: You’re right. Thanks!

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Not to put a damper but it us still hurricane season. And it is orlando exoect rain everyday. And it pours. Not all day but when it does it comes down.

Are you driving or flying??? If flying consider tenting one with a cover it might be just as much as you buying the cover.

Also check out a local barnes and nobel and llok at the birnbaums disney guide they iften have coupons for kingdom strollers. The price of the boom would probably cover coupon and maybe others you can use.

Also as mentioned try a shower curtail cover anf bungee cords.

Until today I never considered renting. I thought, “Why rent when I can bring my own?” but I just looked at it now for the first time, and you’re right, I could rent a double stroller with cover and cooler pack too for $70 plus tax.

I wouldn’t have it for use in the airports, though. But both my kids are walking-age so we might be able to make do, although one is 5 with autism and wanders off if not buckled or closely supervised.

However it might be nice to have one less very large item to try to cram into the rental minivan along with our three large bags and carry-ons.

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Could you use an umbrella stoller at the airport if you need one for your autistic child??

Strollers while important can be combersome while traveling.


Binder clips work well to hold on a shower curtain too.

That’s a good idea. I have a cheap one we could use until we get to the resort and the rental stroller.

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