How crazy will RD be for early opening at 8am in MK Thanksgiving Week?

Just wondering how crazy RD will be for the early 8am opening on Sunday 11/23? We are staying off-site 10 minutes away and will leaving the house at 6:30 get us there for RD? I can’t imagine asking my family (DH, 4 kids and 1 MIL) to leave any earlier as it will be 5:30 am our time already but I’ll have them do it if we have to.


…if only SDMT would have 0 wait like my TP says…emailed webmaster already but really would like to live in fantasyland and have it stay 0 :smile:

I don’t know about Thanksgiving but we did Easter 2013 offsite ( before frozen or sdmt) Mk was 10 s all week with emh @7
and opening for us at 8.00. We were allowed into parks and held at hub until 8. Not very many people can make it into a theme park for 8.00 is all I can say!!. We left our holiday home at 6.30 and timing was fine. Obviously when we went all the on site guests were already in park so it was easier If you leave you house @ 6.30 you will be fine. .6.15 would be the earliest I would leave if you are worried
Use the tp but remember weekends can be busy so be prepared to be flexible and have a list of must do’s and can miss outs list also to allow for melt downs breakdowns and the unscheduled dol whip stops or bathroom breaks. You will have a blast with the 4 kids I’m really jealous Enjoy Mx

Avoid emh days at all costs, follow TPs, keep your spirits high at all times and good luck! I guess you couldn’t FPP 7DMT at 30 days??

Its not an EMH day…and hopefully won’t turn into one! No way could I get 7DMT at 30 days out for either of the 2 days we’ll be there (or A&E). Couldn’t even get it when I saw that the hours changed to open an hour earlier. My TP still has 7DMT at 0 wait at RD but I’m highly skeptical. I think I’m going to build in a break so the wait will be more realistic and won’t mess up the entire plan. Even so, I still think its the best time to go and we’ll just make the best of it.

That’s the attitude @ski102! There are dozens of other things to entertain you so don’t get hung up on odd numbered dwarves and their choo choo! :wink:
Your story makes me sort of worried since I’m staying offsite too on level 6 days, but I’ve decided if I can make 7DMT, great! If not… Well, it’s not my favorite attraction yet so there’s something to come back to next trip!

@ski102 If you’re looking for A & E, the Dibb site is showing availability on 11/23 right now. A bunch of Nov and Dec dates opened up earlier this afternoon.

RD on a heavy day like TG will be more crowded than other days but none the less essential. Don’t think I’d change my arrival too much: 45min before opening would probably work. If you aren’t positioned well and walk aggressively w the rope to SDMT your wait can easily exceed 30 min AT OPENING on a much less crowded day. Two weeks ago (Level 5) I was the first to ride SDMT (no wait) and saw a wait of 30 min when I exited the ride just a few minutes later.

Agree that avoiding am(!) EMH for off site (!) is key because you’d loose the advantage. Could see and off-site guest going to a park with pm EMH dependent on the crowd cal levels

@amyscherz Thanks for the info on A&E. I managed to get 2…although they had enough for my entire party of 7. Now to convince my DH that we should go back later that night.