How crazy is this?

With a PIN code for an All-Star stay and a roundtrip flight via Spirit airlines, I’ve found a cheap way to further utilize my AP (2 trips already planned for Nov 18 & Apr 19).
Is it nuts to do an overnight solo trip? I’d be able to get to a park by early afternoon on arrival day and would have until early afternoon in a park the second day. I’m thinking it would be a fun little adventure and if it works out, I may do it a few times over the year I have the AP.
I know it’s super quick, but what do you all-knowing liners (especially if you have experience) think?

If you could add 1 night so you’d have one non-travel day, I’d do it for sure (travel days can be fun but they can also be filled with delayed flights, slow filling DME, transport to park, back to get bags, then to airport, and a bit of stress). But the only way you’d know if it were worth it for future trips, would be to try it.

Unfortunately, between my work schedule and the dates of the PIN code/hotel availability, I can’t add on. BUT, I was able to utilize airline points to cover one leg of the trip AND add on 5 hours of park time to the second day!
So I booked it :slight_smile:
Like you said, the only way to know if it will work/be worth it is to try! That was the very tiny push that I needed, thank you!

Excellent! I like being an enabler! Plus, using points makes it almost pay for itself! Have fun!

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I think it sounds really fun - not relaxing - but fun! I wouldn’t be able to resist with an AP.

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