How crazy is the first day of Flower and Garden going to be?

Heading to Disney at the end of February, and we have an afternoon scheduled at Epcot on March 4 - opening day of Flower and Garden. The plan is to tour the World Showcase before dinner at Biergarten - should I revise that? We have another day earlier in the trip at Epcot, and I could move the WS to that day and do Future World before dinner - but on the other hand, I do like the idea of seeing the topiaries, the butterfly garden, and the play areas. Is it going to be a madhouse?

Generally speaking the only thing that tends to be crazy on the first day of festivals are lines for festival only merch. Other than that and maybe a slight uptick at booths or concerts it really just follows whatever the calendar has in store for crowd level.

Last year the first day was super crazy at the food booths starting at 11. BUT, it was also Ash Wednesday and the whole week CL’s turned out to be more than predicted. There were a lot of schools from Louisiana off. It isn’t Ash Wednesday this year, so I’m hoping it will be better. We are going that same week again this year.

Been going to the Flower and Garden Festival for the last 5 years now. Never has it been more crowded than an average day. The flower are great but I think you may be thinking more of the Beer and Wine Festival which can get absolutely out of hand.

I think TP overshot the crowd calender for that week. I wouldn’t be overly concerned. Crowds were historically low except for last year because of Mardi Gras/Ash Wednesday.

This is reassuring - thank you!