How can you send gifts to friends staying at WDW?

I have friends who will be staying at Coronado Springs next week and I’d like to send a gift card (or something) to them while they’re there as a surprise.

Any info on how to go about this?

They can receive mail just like any other hotel, you just need the address of the hotel, recipients name and “guest” marked down.

Note that packages have a $5 fee, I’m pretty sure there’s no charge for regular mail but maybe someone can confirm.

You can email a gift card. Probably way easier and very useful!

I believe @SallyEppcot has some expertise in this area :wink:


Thank you for the suggestions (and hope @SallyEppcot chimes in too).

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Hi @profmatt! Hi @disney1974!

I haven’t read the thread, but the official Disney resort service is reliable. You just need to know a last name, the resort and a date.

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Oh, excellent. I knew there was a floral/gift page somewhere!

I just want to have a little surprise for them, maybe even just a gift card so they can treat themselves.

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This is also an option I have heard of along the way:

And there is another but I can’t recall the name. Give me a moment