How can I show replies with their linked topics?

Is there any way I can change from chronological order? Some posts with many replies and replies to those are so difficult to read/understand. I understand I can select the little reply down-arrow to see replies, but they still show up at the bottom of the thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re on a computer it’s easier to see what is being replied to but it can be done on your phone too

I’ll start with computer-based.

In this instance you can see that LTinNC replied to JeffAZ, but you can’t see what Jeff said to know what the reply is in response to

Simply click on JeffAZ’s name and his comment, which the reply is in response to, will pop up for you to see

If folks quote the post they are replying to it’s easier, and you may already have figured that out. But this is how you see it if that isn’t how it was done.

On your phone you’ll get a mobile view, so that you can’t do that in the same way. You need to switch from mobile view to desktop view. You do that by clicking in the header/address bar on your phone/ipad/similar, and clicking “Request Desktop View”:

This will change it to the full website and allow you to click on JeffAZ’s name to see what LTinNC is replying to:


You had mentioned the desktop view months ago in someone’s trip report iirc, and it ultimately made the forum feel much more accessible via phone. I was too shy to say so back then (extremely introverted), but thank you for the tip. Really helped me plug into the community here. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can also quick as on TP’s WDW Lines chat if you feel bogged down here on the forum.

This doesn’t work for me anymore. It goes into desktop mode and it looks different, but then it kind of snaps back and looks and acts the same as it did before, though it says it’s in desktop mode.

That’s odd.

What kind of phone are you using? I wonder if it’s some kind of setting on your phone because I just did it to demonstrate here (Apple iphone 13)

Mine’s a 12 Pro. It used to work on my 8 but then stopped, it’s never worked on this. It’s got to be something to do with settings but I’ve no idea what, I never changed anything.

One thing I hate is that after an update some of my settings do seem to change without my changing them.


Thanks! I appreciated the detailed instructions. I’ve never participated on a forum with this set-up so it’s all a little clunky still to me. I’m sure I’ll get used to it :blush: