How can I change FP for just part of a group?

I’m going to WDW with a group of 10 family members. I decided to join my family of 4 with the rest of the group’s Indiana Jones Fast Pass, but now I’d prefer to change that because I’d rather use it for another FP. Whenever I try to change it, it looks like it will make the change for all 10 of us. I don’t know how to select just my 4. Does anyone know how to do this? I obviously don’t want to accidentally cancel the FP for the rest of the group. Thank you!

Are you trying to change it in MDE or on the website? I know on the website after you select Change Experience it will give you little checkboxes next to each person so that you can specify who you want to change it for.

On My Disney Experience on my laptop. I don’t get the checkboxes when I do it. It shows me the list of experiences I can change to, but the list of people includes the entire group. (this is after going in via Fast Pass+, Update FastPass+, and then selecting an appropriate date. Should I go in a different way?)

If I go in via My Itinerary, it looks like I get the checkboxes for changing the time of just certain people’s fast passes, but it won’t let me change the experience without changing everyone. (Interestingly, I didn’t even link to the rest of the group’s fast passes in the first place – I just happened to select the same time for one of them, and then it connected us.)

As annoying as this is, you have to ‘un-link’ yourself from the rest of your party by selecting a new time just for yourself (uncheck everyone else).

Then, it will allow you to change the experience for just you.

Good luck!

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@megstr29 gave a great answer as far as the website is concerned. But if you have the MDE app on your phone, you don’t need to go through that ridiculous two-step. When you click on “change the experience”, you’ll be given the checkboxes for which party members you need to change.

Yay! Thank you both. Mr_Itty, I followed your suggestion and used the app to make the change. Much easier than trying to wrestle with it on the website.

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