How big are they? Some new aerial photos of the Humongous Harmonious barges

From Bioreconstruct Twitter

On my screen, they are only like a centimeter big. What’s all the fuss about, then? :wink:

(For Kids in the Hall fans: “I squish your head!”)


“I’m crushing your skull!”

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Honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing the ginormous barges. I remember how much the Big Ass Hat upset me when it was in HS, and look, it’s gone now. Someone repainted the castle – not just for the 25th birthday cake monstrosity, but permanently. The only thing about WDW that stays the same is that they’re always changing stuff.

I just really hope they play Fountain of Nations music for the water-spouting barges during the day. Sniffle.

Well the smaller ones (the rats) are almost the same size as the smallest island.

That’s pretty dang big IMO

We can agree on this: TWSS


I miss the hat and the new pink paint on the castle is extremely disturbing …but I am surprisingly okay with the barges so far.

A while ago @Randall1028 asked in another thread about the focal length of a image taken of stargate and its tacos. I postulated based on my knowledge of cameras, but was really guessing since I didn’t know what equipment the photographer was using. While I was there in April, I made my own images so I knew the specifics. Cameras have a special way of distorting how we see something. The type of camera (full frame vs APS-C sensor) as well as the focal length can manipulate the end result of the image. As a point of reference, for those that care, on a camera with a full frame sensor, the focal length of 45mm approximates how the human eye will see the same scene. On a camera with an APS-C sensor, a focal length of about 30mm approximates the human eye.

I took these images from the FP+ viewing area just as you get into WS. I was up by the fence, using a camera with an APS-C sensor. My focal length is 21mm. So the stargate and tacos are even a smutch bigger than they appear in these images. From this vantage point in WS they are incredibly imposing and absolutely humongous. #itbetterbeanamazingshowbecausethesethingsarehidious


Cropping the image, IRL it looked more like this. Truly. See the amount of water from the edge of the lake and the taco? That’s not a lot. They are close and big. I’m trying real hard (and mostly failing) to withhold judgement until after the show.


Having seen them in person: they are enormous


Thank you for sharing that! Very interesting technical stuff

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When I first saw the new castle in August, I hated it. By our trip in December, I was indifferent. Seeing it again last week, I was perfectly okay with it. I am amazed my own opinion of it changed so drastically that quickly. But, Franky, I am having trouble convincing myself the same will be true if these barges. I loved just looking out across the water from various vantages in WS. That no longer seems possible unless they can get the water fountain feature working in such a way it effectively hides their existence.

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