How bad is Universal the week after Easter?

I would never have considered our spring break as a time to go to Orlando but it’s come up—but for just Universal, not WDW. Our spring break starts with Easter and goes through the week after. How is Universal then? I see high CL listed but, strangely, they are higher CL than what TP is showing for that week for WDW. The idea is to have a hotel where we can get EE and express pass and just take it easy and see everything at U without having to go over to WDW, like we just did, which was rushed. There would be a lot of pool time and City Walk eating. Does this sound feasible (or…pleasant?) with those crowds? I was thinking of August for lower crowds (and my kids off school) but April weather would be better—just a lot more people I suspect.

We have been to Universal 5 of the last 6 spring breaks (always the first full week of April so around Easter at least twice). We never have any trouble with the crowds, thanks to staying in a deluxe onsite and having express passes. The weather is usually great, very little rain and while warm/hot temperatures, the humidity usually isn’t too bad then. I would much rather have crowds than humidity, so spring break is ideal timing in my opinion. We usually stay 3 days there (we split with WDW and spend 7-8 days at WDW during same trip). 3 days is plenty with express, but longer would really give you lots of relaxation time. My kids love Volcano Bay so if your kids like water parks, definitely plan to go there as well. Have fun planning! I have stayed at all 3 hotels that give you express, so can answer any questions you have about that as well.

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Thanks! We stayed at the Portofino and loved it but definitely didn’t have enough time to enjoy it (only 1.5 days at Universal before heading to Disney). What do you think of the Hard Rock? I was thinking of trying that one next. But we would want to go back to Portofino’s pools b/c we never had a chance to use them.

I like Portofino the best, followed by Hard Rock, and then Royal Pacific. Hard Rock has a great location, so easy to walk to the parks and back which saves time if the boat lines are backed up. We have stayed there twice and enjoyed it both times. It’s a really nice hotel.

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