How Bad is Traffic in WDW

Can anyone give me a heads up as to the traffic in WDW? We will be driving from offsite locations (a maingate hotel for the first night then from Bonnet Creek the rest of the week). Staying from Nov. 20-27. Just trying to put together touring plans before I go back to school and needing some help with transportation times to/from parks.

Depends a lot on different factors. It CAN be total gridlock all over but not generally. November is lower crowds so usually wouldn’t be bad, but you will be dealing with Thanksgiving week so it might be a little busier.

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Thanks! So is there a “better” way to get to MK, or should I just plan for plenty of driving time? My typical motto for nearly everything (I travel A LOT with high school kids) is “hurry up and wait!” My students never understand my need to leave so early for events until we end up getting stopped by a train, bad wreck, etc…:slight_smile:

I haven’t personally during a major holiday other than 4th of July but that was in the 80’s lol. I would suspect that traffic will be heavier that week but not stand still with the exception of maybe Thanksgiving itself. And don’t forget once you’re parked you can still use internal buses even if you aren’t staying on property.

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The Downtown Disney area always seems to be a zoo traffic wise, especially now while the construction is going on. I would avoid driving near there in the evening if I was you…

I agree…the downtown Disney area always seems congested. I never really find much traffic on property otherwise. Unless there’s a special event like a marathon etc…

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The worst part will be getting to property more than issues while on property. Especially coming in to the parks in the morning when the rest of Orlando is trying to get to work. One you are at Bonnet Creek you should be fine. MK will be the longest but you will be surprised how quick and easy you can get in and out of DHS and Epcot from there.