How bad is a 7

Hello - we are looking to go in April 2014 (somewhere between 4/6 and 4/13). MK crowds are mostly 7 with a 5 and 6. We have gone in January / February in the past to avoid crowds - but due to schedules needing to do April. Just how bad is a 7 in the MK? Will I regret going at those crowd levels

If you go at RD and have a plan, you will be fine. We were there recently when it was a 7 and had no issues. I would not think you would regret it. There is no slow time any more, unfortunately.

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Thank you! Are you kidding - of COURSE I have a plan - HA!!! You can’t go there without one anymore - unfortunately. But thanks for the confirmation. Hoping the weather is nice so we can be a bit more relaxed this time and enjoy the pools etc. So go at RD, take a break and then go back later on. Additionally we are giving ourselves a few days at MK, EPCOT so we don’t have to rush. This will be our last trip there for a long time and want to enjoy the atmosphere.


Worse than a 6, better than an 8 :slight_smile: I’m not trying to be snarky, but just pointing out that the numbers are relative and not necessarily an objective measure that can be easily compared from year to year. The fact is that more people are visiting WDW than in past years, so a “7” this year may actually be more crowded and have longer lines than a “7” did a few years ago. The best use of the numbers is to see which park “might” be less crowded on a given day.

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LOL. I’m amazed at how many people post here who don’t want to have a plan! If you have more than one day at MK, I would say you definitely are ok. We did 1.5 days and saw everything we wanted to see and I really didn’t feel overly rushed. 7 now is busier than 7 a few years ago. and the projections have been off. But personally, I wouldn’t worry.

Thank you captain SNARKY!!! Unfortunately there are no slow times (or inexpensive times) for sure. Ha - no I know and you are fully correct. Just didn’t know if

1 - Great
4 - OK
7 - Really - are you serious?
10 - Only dummies go

Like I said we normally have gone during Jan / Feb during really light crowds so don’t want to get there and feel like a sardine. We are skipping over the “spring breakers” - but just curious if I would need to take 1, 2 or 3 Percocets. HA.

Just looking to see - do we go in Feb or April. I would prefer April as it is starting to get warmer and we can enjoy the sun a bit more. Feb is still cold. I think per the other advise. Go at RD, have a plan, enjoy.

I’m like you – really hate the crowds. we went in october the last two years trying to hit a “slow” time. it wasn’t. But we had our best trip ever last month because I planned like crazy. So enjoy!

Thanks - this will be our first time with FP+ (need to start doing that) as we juts got our reservations. I love to plan and am a Project Planner by trade - but this is sucking the magic out. How the heck do I know where I want to eat 6 months out. It is really getting quite silly.

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I know, its crazy. I tried to focus on the ressies that I thought would be hardest to get. I did some switching around after that as the date got closer and we changed our minds. But I knew there were some I need to get right away if I wanted them. the new TP reservation finder seems to have helped a lot of people with this issue, although I didn’t need to use it.

TP Reservation system?

I am finalizing my hotel reservation today (Swan) and then will start linking everything

we were at the boardwalk. such a fun area. Is beaches and cream on your radar? very small so can be hard to get ADR. surprisingly good burgers. amazing ice cream desserts. we loved it.

I’ll keep that in mind. We aren’t into character meals - but will probably do a few. My family isn’t too adventitious with dining (I am) but wanted to take advantage of places near our hotel. Trying to do Be Our Guest etc - but we will see. Need to start doing that. Any suggestions well appreciated.

one last suggestion . . our friends couldn’t get into beaches so they went to the fountain at the swan/dolphin and liked it too. good luck!

Great - thanks!! Any future suggestions are certainly welcomed.

Just as an FYI, here are the restaurants we tried this trip:

BOG – always good if you can get in
Plaza (at MK). I don’t know why it gets zero love. people seem to hate it. its not fancy, but we love a cool quick place to sit and relax in AC for a good sandwich for lunch. have gone several times and always like it.
Cal Grill – special event time. of course its good. and the view is amazing.
Beaches & Cream – as I mentioned, good casual.
Sanaa (at AK- Kidani). I know you said you aren’t adventurous, but the bread service and animal view alone are worth the trip.this was our first time trying it, and its a new fav. my kids (8 and 10) absolutely loved it.
Tutto Italia – we have gone in the past. I think its declined significantly since last year. I’d go to San Angel Inn or Via Napoli next time instead and skip it if you are considering it.
Garden Grill – Good basic food and a fun character meal. Expensive. And VERY slow. was worth it for one visit. not in a big hurry to go back.
Trattoria al forno (on the boardwalk) – had a nice breakfast there.
I am out of suggestions now! but happy to help if I can.

Awesome - thanks!!!

You mentioned a TP Reservation tracker - where do you access that?

On your dashboard, right hand column under dining. can put in a request if you can’t get an ADR you want and it will notify you if one becomes available.

Just a suggestion :blush: , on the Crowd Calendar, look to the left and you will see “Jump to date”. This gives you the option to look back at historical dates and what the “actual” crowd levels were on those dates. Remember to line up your day of the weeks with the dates to align them with the days of the week you will be there. Ex: April 6, 2016 is a Wednesday, so you would want to look at April 8, 2015 so you see the crowd levels for Wednesday.
The historical dates will show you the crowds they predicted AND the actual crowd levels that were there. You can also use the “click here to see individual attraction details used to determining crowd levels” under each park.

You calling me a dummy ( only kidding) Have done cl 10 @MK in the past and doing it again this Easter. There is a plan being crafted ( and its cunning) [ Sorry ds been watching Blackadder re runs] and if you understand that at 2 pm you will not be able to see your feet or any ground then its doable. Its all about expectations, rd a plan then leaving by 2pm if not before.

^^ HA - no. As long as you have a plan. You are right - it is all about expectations. So we will be there during flower and Garden and have never been there during that time - so it will be fun. Just trying to tell the troups what needs to happen. We are there at Rope Drop, hit them and hit them hard - then go back to the resort and take a break and then go back out for more fun!!