How bad are the Sept. Rains?

Good Day All: I just started to subscribe To Touring Plans and am finding lots of great info. We have scheduled our week in Sept. 18th 2016 as trying to schedule it away from big events and when everyone is back in school. This will probably be the only time we go with our 8 year old girl and want to get the most out of the trip from MI. I know this is a low crowd time but the rain predictions and past models show it pretty much rains in the afternoon every day. We will have rain gear in my back pack I will carry around all day but wondered how much does the rain ruin the day? I appreciate everyone’s advice as this is the first time going and we can use all the info we can get. John

Honestly, it might rain every afternoon, but it’s unlikely to ruin your day. Have a poncho with you, aim for longer indoor attractions, and you may well manage to miss the bulk of it.

Been to WDW a few times in September and it seemed to rain every afternoon for a few hours. I’m from Vancouver BC Canada so I know rain, or so I thought. Our rain can get “socked” in for days - like you are residing inside of the rain cloud. However rain at WDW can be anywhere from a drizzle (uncommon in Sept) to an all our monsoon (more common).

But like Elsa, the rain (or cold) never bothered me anyway! So put on a poncho and water resistant shoes and have a blast!!!

our first trip was in September a seven years back and I do not remember rain slowing us down. with that said we did take a break in afternoons to have our youngest nap as he was not even 2 yet. we just returned from our third trip two weeks ago and we did have a couple of days of rain. tbh it did not ruin our days. We just put on our ponchos and got on with it. we are from Alberta Canada and when it rains here it is really cold. we found that it was so warm when it rained it didn’t bother us and it was a nice break from the heat.