How are you (honestly) feeling about SWGE?

It was a great shame when they got rid of the lights - they were amazing.


Can’t wait. Take my money.

My childhood was Star Wars.


I’m equal parts excited and nervous. We’re not going until next March so I’m anxious to know when the second ride is going to open, because I’m hoping crowds will have died down a little. My kids are too young for Star Wars but also Star Wars fans - they know the Lego stuff and the general characters, and my son’s favourite ride from our last trip was Star Tours. My little guy probably won’t be tall enough for either, although I’m hoping against hope that he can hit 38’, but my older son will and he’s probably going to LOVE this, assuming, of course, they’re offering fast passes by then. I’ll make sure we have an HS day at the end of our trip so we can hopefully score something.

Personally, I was blown away by Pandora, so I’m just excited to go look around.

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So…no pressure. I’ll just spend my SW:GE reservation time ignoring my 3 children and all their requests shall be met with “Not now, Mommy’s busy getting every detail to include in the report the Liner community demands!”

Or better, yet, stick the husband with the 3 of them & have my own personal SW:GE experience. I think he’ll go for that with no complaints :laughing:


ZERO excitement over here… never watched a movie, don’t have any interest in any part of SWGE… not even exploring… wish it had not been built right behind TSL… Slinky and TSMM are the reasons I plan a day at DHS… neither our kids (who we will take in feb of 2020) nor DH (he and i go oct 2nd 2019) have any Star Wars love…

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I am a very casual SW fan (compared to a hard-core Harry Potter fan) and so my initial thoughts on anything SWGE are usually along the lines of: Why couldn’t Disney have gotten Harry Potter so I get the WDI version of WWoHP?
Side note:I will admit USO did a very compelling job of it. And even though the one trip I’ve been to it, only the Hogsmeade half existed & no Hogwarts Express, I didn’t want to leave and DH & I spent our last hours in USO sipping Butterbeers and admiring the Owl Post with me imagining what nook or cranny I could slip away into to be able to never have to leave, even when such a thing as theme park operating hours were an obstacle to me living out my dream of being a real-life witch attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry (sorted into Ravenclaw house, obviously).

Back on topic: Throughout the cycle of SWGE, I have varied from elation at the immersive marvel it promises to be all the way to dread & hatred especially in the changes it is certain to forever bring.

Today, right this minute, I am very much in the middle but that’s a long way down from where I was at an absolute high of excitement when Disneyland reservations were announced & we were able to procure one. I will admit the one detail that has brought me way down is learning that one of the things I was most excited about- Savvi’s Workshop- will cost $199 and only one person can accompany the person participating. We’ll stay outside the elusive doors with their secret symbol & code word required to enter & play the for free Parks Play apps experiences that the land promises to be rich with & still have a grand time. And eat some space food and peruse the market for any & everything interesting it is sure to be full with.

As for the MF ride, depending on how they manage rider switch, we’ll decide day of if we do it or not, but I will say, from the more I’ve learned about how it is interactive with your choices impacting the mission yet has a very low-learning curve and yet somehow still is supposed to be able to offer challenge to repeat & frequent visitors, the more curious and even excited I get. Although, I am holding back getting super-excited in the event that rider switch isn’t practical for our family in the 4 hr reservation block we have.

And one last thought: I am seizing the opportunity now to enjoy the land and hopefully do the 1 existing ride with a FREE reservation (at Disneyland) so that I don’t have to wait & see what it will cost once it’s fully operational, where I fully expect that FP for all of it will be $$$$$ and just walking into the land may cause a spontaneous combustion on my part since as frequent visitors it’s really hard to justify any kind of $$ upcharge, let alone $$$$ or $$$$$.

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Disney were offered Harry Potter. But they didn’t want to give Joanne the level of control over the design that she asked for.

So she went to Universal, who said “yes”. And they got some of the set design team from the movies in to help design Hogsmeade (and later, Dragon Alley).

Disney had their chance lol! And they ended up going to James Cameron, and giving him quite a bit of control - they had learned the hard way.


Ugh. I’ve heard Disney was offered the chance too but wasn’t sure if it was more than a rumor. You’re a very credible source so hearing it from you just adds to my envy that I don’t have a WDI rendering of WWoHP.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a 7. I grew up a big Star Wars fan, and now I have kids of my own who are huge Stars Wars fans. However, I wasn’t excited enough for me not to reschedule our long planned late August trip which ended up coinciding with WDW SW:GE opening. (Had an ADR at Sci-Fi Dine-In on Aug. 29). And even my 9 year old kids get why we have rescheduled a week earlier. They don’t want to wait all day and deal with the crowds either. They are Liners at heart.

So, I’m in the category of very excited to eventually see SW:GE (2021?), but I can wait.

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Im trying to talk my wife into letting me take a long weekend in September to go down. We are there as a family in August but leave on the 28th. The more i hear,the less i think i can wait a few years

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I wonder how much that decision cost them.

And how critical for UOR it was.


I don’t think they could have done it better, to be fair.


Agreed. And with it at UOR, we don’t get any ridiculous tie-ins with other IP, as Disney is wont to do.


In the long run, Star Wars will probably even out WWOHP. But then Universal are building their third park as an answer. Nowhere near the popularity of HP or SW though.

But when Disney announced the immersive Star Wars Resort, Universal approached JKR with a similar proposal. She flatly refused, so they lose out on that.

They still hold the trump cards on Marvel in Orlando though.


I keep seeing this acronym floating around and while I get the gist of what it’s communicating, I can’t for the life of me figure out what it stands for! :see_no_evil: Someone enlighten me, please!!


Intellectual property. It is all good. As a whole, I think Disney fans throw around an insane amount of acronyms.


As noted above, Intellectual Property. My gripe is when they are mixed inappropriately, like Minnie dressed up like Princess Leia. I hate to think of what Disney would do with HP - Donald in Slytherin?


Thanks, guys!

And I totally agree…

… Would be ghastly. :grimacing:

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soooo she’s insane.

After seeing a breakdown of the new lightsabers, I’m a little less jazzed. The things look like they’re huge, like near the size of a soda can. :frowning:

The features are cool though. I think I’ll have to see them in person before making a final decision. Plus I’ll likely have to ship my lightsaber home because I fear the blade will present a problem in the overhead bins.


we planned a trip january 2 of this year when they announced free dining for the late summer window, which was unheard of. all the rumors were that they were having trouble filling rooms and people were waiting until “late fall” due to that being the timeframe disney kept pushing and pushing for GE. everything made sense to look like an october opening and we planned a labor day week trip to have that holiday off.

then everything nearly went up in smoke when they announced a flipping august opening. we suddenly were there for opening week and i was enraged. i mean i was swearing up a storm and i nearly cancelled our trip within an hour of the announcement. the only reason to this point i haven’t cancelled was because we had already purchased airfare and would lose out that money.

i wrote a 6 page email to disney explaining my heartbreak at the decision and my hope that they could do something to make my dilemma easier. no dice, they didn’t care. i got acknowledgment of my email, but a “we would have to do something for everyone if we did anything for you.” this is not the world famous customer service from disney that used to exist. i felt like the reaction was “too bad, so sad.”

so, to answer the original question, no, i’m not excited. we like SW but were willing to wait a few years before seeing it. in no reality did we want to be there opening week. touring plans has helped me keep my sanity between the youtube videos and blog, and thus i subscribed. i am praying their predictions are accurate, as the other parks still have low numbers for our week, but i know GE is throwing a wrench in everything. still figuring there will be some sort of reservation system announced for HS once this opening at disneyland passes. i can’t see how they could just let it be a free-for-all, from a safety standpoint alone. if they offer reservations, i will go for one, but i want no part of standing in line to get in.

my biggest concern is getting into HS at all, as there are plenty of other things we also want to see. hoping the announced EEMH will help us in that regard. and fingers crossed the other parks stay lower-ish. with people still having to work and go back to school, i’m hopeful people aren’t planning big family vacations for that week. the star wars diehards will be there, but i’m hoping they are not spending the money on park hopping and don’t really care about the other parks, and hoping they are shelling out to stay on-site. my hope is riding on a lot of things. i just don’t want our trip ruined, which we had planned long before GE opening (in fact, i had made our ADRs all of 2 days before the announcement). i’ve already had to rearrange days twice.