How are the servers doing?

@Lentesta - How are the servers looking now that the Forums have been officially open for a month? Is chat less of a burden on the server yet? Do you have any use pattern stats? I hope the Forums haven’t just doubled the load!

I’m sure you’re very busy, but I’d love to read an update if you have time. I suspect other tech-minded liners like @ejj, @Outer1 and @brklinck might be interested too. :slight_smile:

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I vote we just scrap chat.

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About 1/3rd of the chat volume has moved to forums, and they’re more efficient than chat. That’s bought us some time.

The idea from the chat discussion that I really liked was to delete everything older than 24 hours. That would both solve the server issue and keep the fast-paced nature of chat alive and well.

Assuming we could do that, it’d be simple to keep chat running exactly as it is, for as long as anyone wants to use it. That is, we wouldn’t have to split chat and forums into “in the park” and “not in the park” discussions. You’d use whatever format you thought was most useful for whatever you want to say.

The one technical issue we’d need to work on is the ability for everyone to keep their chat stats, even if we deleted the actual chat. So while you may have 12,000 chats, you’d only be able to access the last 24 hours of them. It’s doable - we’ve outlined a technical solution - we’d just have to implement it.


Would we still be able to keep the longer planning threads here as well? For example, I love the club level thread with the detail and pictures. I must admit the Disneyland photo thread and all of @tink’s photos as well as othersbl is pretty special too.


@Lentesta 24 hours is a bit tight. Would a 7-day window still be able to accomplish a similar savings, given that one can currently theoretically call up one’s entire chat history?

Going to have to prioritize saving old chats I want to keep… :wink:

@Lentesta, to follow up, would the system be deleting any thread that hadn’t been responded to in over 24 hours, or would individual posts within a thread start disappearing once the post is older than 24 hours? So could one keep a thread alive by posting to it, or bumping it?

Thanks for responding @Lentesta. I find all of this behind the scenes stuff very interesting.

I actually think it would be good to delete old threads in the Forums on some sort of a schedule as well. You probably wouldn’t want to delete ALL of them, but archiving obsolete, incorrect or outdated information bothers me. When one is organizing information, weeding outdated information is just as important as providing new information. I’d hate for people to stumble upon discussions from years earlier and act on that old information. Also, it might be nice to have a clean slate for shenanigans from time to time. I’m not sure having a permanent record of everything in La Cava is necessary.

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Chat delenda est.

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Latin, actually.

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Yes. Chat must be destroyed but if you look quick, I thought you were going for lentesta in pig Latin.

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Lol - I totally see that, too!

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24 hours is just a starting point for discussions. I think 7 days would be okay. I’ll check shortly.