How and when did you find your fast pass for FOP?

We are staying off site but to help everyone and give them some hope please can you fill in the below proforma
Are you Staying on site /off site ?

When did you score it ?60 days/30 days/ 2 days on the day

What time?..when they were released. UK midday 7am…random time…

How did you locate it ?..using app kept checking…laptop at work…tablet on train lol

How often did you check before finding it. …daily …hourly …religiously. …obsessively :joy:

Who did you tell first? Those that love planning and know it’s hard to find…or your family :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for some planning entertainment :blush:

I stayed onsite Labor Day weekend. It was a four day trip and I looked for day two at day 60 and there were not any. At day 54 a liner sent me a PM that there was a large release of FPs. It was also posted on lines. I modified my NRJ to FoP. I immediately texted my son and his girlfriend to let them know I got it!

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Staying onsite
60 days (for our entire party of 7)
7 am EST
MDE on home computer
Found it first try for second to last day of 5 day trip in October
Told no one- no one I know is a true Disney fanatic and knows what FOP is! but family will likely be blown away next week while we are there!

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  • Staying onsite
  • At 60 days there was nothing at all for our AK days, but two days later I was fiddling with my Fastpasses and there were about 8 times available in the afternoon, so I snatched one.
  • I don’t know when they were released but we are riding at 2:15 on the second to last day of our 6 night/7 day trip.
  • Just logged in on the computer and there it was.
  • Didn’t really have an opinion about FoP beforehand, because my husband is terrified of heights and may not even want to ride, but I got the FPP anyway in case he changes his mind and wants to ride with DD and myself.
  • I haven’t told my DD about the trip (waiting until Halloween for a Nov. 5th trip since she is dressing as Princess Elena for Halloween) so she doesn’t know anything. See above for DH’s opinion.

Onsite, split stay between Copper Creek and Saratoga Springs.
Booked one set of FOP Fastpasses at 60 days out, and another set for a different day last week, when more of them were released.
Booked the first set bang on 7am EST and got the time we wanted on day 5 of our stay.
I was at work so used my work PC.
Didn’t bother checking beforehand as I knew there wouldn’t be any availability before our window opened.
First person I told was DH, who kind of just goes along with whatever I plan. He was nowhere near as excited as I was. As expected. :joy:

Luck, as I couldn’t locate any for onsite stay end of Aug. Double luck that we are within a 2 hour drive so when I found 3 for August 18 (probably a month out), I grabbed them. I just kept looking. The ride was worth it. I found one–and only one–for Oct. 17. I’m still checking for another one for my son in case he comes.

Staying onsite
Booked FOP for party of 7 on Day 60 for 6th day of trip (60+6) nothing was available for Day 2 of trip.
Booked at about 7:03 am EST on MDE using my cellphone. Told sister in law and kids…none really all that excited because they have no idea what they’re in for! I can’t wait!!!

Staying on site Dec 2-9. Booked on day 60 for 6th day of trip. Had multiple options to choose from. When I went to book Na’vi for Day 3 saw FOP available as well. I got on right at 7am EST and booked through the Disney app on my phone.

Staying on site, 11/24-12/2. Booked it as my first FP+ at 4am (7am FL time) on my 60 day. It also helped that we’re going to AK 11/30.

Amazingly, I was able to grab 2 FOP FP+ as same day fastpasses. I was at Animal Kingdom and about to miss my scheduled FP+ for Na’vi River Journey, then when I tried to modify for a later time, Flight of Passage was available for around 1 pm, it was 9:55 am. I saw more FOP fastpasses come up for later that day. Crowd Level for that day was predicted as 5 but observed as 6.

Out of curiosity, when was that? At one point they were doing two drops daily for FOP, but I had heard they stopped doing that. It would be awesome to find out that they are still adding day of FPPs for it.

Sorry for the late answer… It was Oct 16th. I’ll be back there this December for a very short trip and I’m hoping for the same miracle again, as I couldn’t get them on my 60 day mark.

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