How Accurate are the touring plan times?

This is our first trip to WDW, and I’m working on my plans today. My touring plan shows me arriving at Test Track in Epcot at my Fast Pass arrival time of 10:25 a.m. It displays a wait time of 6 minutes, and then a duration time of 4 minutes. That seems super-quick.

Unless the crowd level goes up, very accurate. If the prediction of crowd level is low, and you packed every minute of your day with rides, you might end up falling behind, arriving to shpws after they start, and just might need to drop one or two rides. If your day is 4 hours touring, you likely wont notice falling behind in these situations. I like to pad my plans with ten minute break or viewing things inbetween rides that have standby because I tyically go during summer and it is crowded.

The crowd levels at Epcot that days are projected to be a 6/10. So it sounds like if the crowds are as planned, then it should be pretty accurate?

I have a LOT of padding in there so far, but I didn’t want to overplan, in case the idea of spending 10 minutes at Test Track was unrealistic. :smile:

Thank you!