House of blues music venue

What type of music concerts do they have at HOB? Is it just blues music? My son is into heavy rock and I would love to take him here for his birthday :sunglasses:what’s the minimum age?? Or do they do anything at the Hard Rock or is it just a restaurant? Appreciate any feedback :blush:

Don’t know about HoB, but the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando has concerts:

Thanks…will check it out :slight_smile:

Here’s the Orlando HoB link with schedule:

It may vary depending on the show, but we took my 14 year old son to a concert at HoB Cleveland with no issues - he just won’t get an armband allowing alcohol purchases if < 21. I’d say HoB skews more rock but it can vary a lot depending on the show. Note most of the tickets are Standing General Admission, although you can get seats, but they are more limited.

Good luck - hope you find something of interest around his B’Day…

Thanks…will check the website… fingers crossed we can find something he can mosh to :smile: