Hours changes and HEA

I am pretty sure Disney just extended the hours on the day we are headed to MK (swear close used to be at 9 but now says 10).
Questions for those used to these time swaps:

  1. HEA is still listed as at 8:55 and now it says there is also Once Upon a Time at 9:45. Is HEA likely to be moved back in line with park close or does the Once Upon a time addition mean that is now the “closer” for MK that night? My kids will barely make it to fireworks at 9. If it is likely they get moved back again we would need to rework our plans.

  2. if they made the hours longer is it less likely they add time in the morning too?

  3. do I need to recalculate my TPs given the new close time if I do not intend to use the new hours at night at all? As in does that impact the expectations for crowd levels and flows in the earlier part of the day?

Hours can change at any time, but that sounds like one of the final adjustments. HEA times have not changed when they added hours to my trip. If they added an hour you may want to start looking for any FPs you did not get. They should be loaded soon for that new hour.

We will be hoping that the extra hour though means less awful departing crowds when we leave just after HEA - our FPs are much earlier and squared away. :slight_smile:

Our hours just got extended today as well (week of 4/8). We had planned on 2hrs of EMH on Wed 4/11, but now looks like park is open til 10 and EMH is only 1 hour. Hopefully we can still get a lighter run of 7DMT before we leave for the night…

EMH showing as 10-12 on 4/11.
As far as I know, evening EMH is always 2 hours. It used to be 3 of course :sob:

thank you. I just double checked and it does go til 12. we’ll sleep later I guess.