Hotwire Yacht Club Deals: $249 in August!

These prices are more than 50% off of Disney’s current discount, which is nuts.
But there’s a limitation on whether they appear in your search results… read on! :slight_smile:


Just looked for our dates in September for both YC and CSR. No luck so far, unfortunately.

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Yes, this YC drop so far seems to be limited to the August dates I mention, plus you probably have to start on 8/14.

Some people on Disboards reported last week getting non-hidden YC deals in the same price range, but whenever I check I only see it for the mid $400s there. But, might be worth checking! Also, sometimes over on Priceline especially you see different amounts when logged in and when not, so might help to login to see if things change.

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Yacht Club isn’t even showing up as a possiblity on HW for the dates I’m looking at. It’s at the end of September. Maybe just too busy for a good deal so close to the 50th. I’ll keep looking!

Just to throw in some new info: there has been at least one report of someone booking the YC deal that didn’t have to start on 8/14 as I did.

Wish I could figure out how to get around HW limiting what deals people see!