Hotwire February 2021 Deals

Howdy Everyone,
FYI: The January Hotwire deals have now rolled into all of February. Very good Pop, CSR and YC deals…


Yay!! Once step closer to March…

Thank you!!

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Thanks as always for your efforts on this stuff! Those are indeed great deals.

Off the top of your head and what you’ve seen historically, would you expect to see similar YC deals in late March? I’m sure it’s harder to compare this year to any other year, but I’m guessing prices will be a little higher than Feb as we get into Spring Break season but not sure how close they would get to Disney’s 35% off.

I’m loosely toying with the idea of getting another trip in while flights are still cheap, but the price for something like YC would have to be just right to stay in a deluxe right now without all the perks. Any insight or educated guess on the best YC deal I could hope to find on HW or PLE for the last week of March could be super helpful.

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In normal times it was hard to guess what they’d do next - at this point I don’t think I can guess at all.

Over the last few months it feels like they are just rolling deals out in near future windows (3 weeks out or so), so that might continue. It is pretty much a keep checking every day or three and see what’s out there scenario.

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Is there ever a blog for Universal? Asking for a friend, me, going in April.


I’ve done a couple, but they are much rarer and the deals tend to be only 10% - 20% off of deluxe resorts.
So, most are something like $340 per night deals, but then you’d get the Express Pass to offset the deluxe pricing.

Once in awhile you’ll see a Cabana Bay deal that’s kind of OK.

I have resort matchers that have tabs for both Disney and UOR Area:

Priceline Resort Matcher

Hotwire Resort Matcher

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I just took the leap of faith and it worked! Thank you @JJT! I had a booking at CSR for January 27-28 (a prebooking to a DVC rental). I got a great rate of about $123 ($139 all in) with my Disney Visa. But I just got it through Hotwire for $88 ($108 all in)! My heart was pounding as I hit the button. :rofl:



If you book this thru hotwire can you still get DME? Asking for a friend seriously considering a last minute MLK day weekend trip?

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Sure, they act just like regular reservations once you link them to MDE.


Thanks! I mean the round trip airfair is $122. CSR is only $5 more a night than Pop at $99/night and Festival of the Arts with all parks showing availability but I might do one Epcot day and one resort day. I don’t have to miss work as we have MLK day off. Am I crazy?


If you don’t go? Yes.



You’re asking a guy who did a crazy one day solo trip flying down from NY a few years ago.

So, you might be crazy but I say go for it! :smiley:


Next decision is $30 more for the 5:20pm flight home on Monday vs. the cheaper 6:20am home flight. I hate the idea of waking up at 2am but the thing is where I live we have two terminals. A huge terminal with expensive far away parking where the more expensive flight with better hours is. And a tiny terminal with close in cheap parking where the cheaper flight is with the crazy redeye time coming back. I can’t split 'em because the terminals are so far apart my car would be in Timbuktu so I’m torn between crazy hours and great parking ha ha ha ha

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@Tall_Paul1 @JJT

Thanks! This really worked and it was $124.05/night with taxes&fees for a holiday weekend.

And I chose the $30 more flight because sleep is worth $30 to me!



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Late back to the thread, but I had no issue linking the reservation in MDE immediately and then was able to schedule DME.


Yay! Nice job, and good choice on the flight. I would have done the same.

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Me either…