Hotwire April Reset

Howdy All,

I have a new blog post out today - the latest Hotwire deals and tips after they removed all of the resorts for several hours the other day, then re-released things.


Love the updates. Thanks!

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can you give me guidance on what to look for to book an AOA LM room? THanks!

AoA is easy to spot on Hotwire, it is one of only two 3* 4.3-guest rated resorts. Since Sports is still closed, any deal in Bonnet Creek you see with that rating has to be AoA right now.

On PE it is a little more work, since Pop and Sports both have same rating, but they each have different review counts.

Identifying a room type is a bit more work. On Hotwire they may give away room info by bed types on the booking page. But, be sure to check both in app and on a desktop browser, they often have different info on each.

Priceline Express deals are harder, usually the only way to deduce a room type is to check the crossed out price on the hidden deal to the full price on a non-hidden deal for the resort.

If you are comfortable with a techie trick, you can also look at the source code on the booking page and search for room descriptions, but that’s a long shot of a trick.

If you find anything interesting I’d be happy to help you sort out anything you’re unsure of. :slight_smile:


Dangit, I had finally decided to just fly in super early this upcoming Sunday to spare my mom an extra bedtime w this kids but this post has me “wouldn’t it be nice to get in late and wake up at csr instead of at home at 4 am” (615 flight)

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I almost always prefer to wake up at my destination, but I am also not a morning person at all.


I used to be a morning person. Even in college, my job was as a personal assistant to a physically disabled student, which involved starting her morning routine w/ her at 515 am.

Then I had kids. Turned into a vampire.

Also, rebooked. Coming in Sat night. Thank you to all you enablers.


Thanks so much!

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All righty, my surprising find of the day: All-Star Movies for $85 for multiple days Memorial Day weekend!

Note, if you’ve been keeping track, Hotwire finally seems to be syncing it’s resort page info with the deals database, so Movies guest rating has increased from 4.2 to 4.3 in some hidden deals. (Their site is being weird.)


Also, Coronado for $139 that weekend!


I really loved that hotel but maybe the fact I only spent $99 a night because of you is why? You’re awesome!


I wish I felt comfortable going then bc these deals are great!

Aww, shucks.

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I know! I’m really hoping they OK Pfizer for younger teenagers quickly, my DD14 is the only one of us not vaccinated now…would really love to be confident enough to book some deals for CSR and YC in July!


Ditto for my DD13. Approve it FDA and open it up states. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for all your tips and tricks!

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Nice to see Wilderness Lodge start appearing on Hotwire again - even if they are only regular deals and not terrific pricing.

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Hey everyone, Hotwire has a new 8% coupon code out that doesn’t seem to max out at $40 like the previous ones.

Code: RMN8HW

I just tested it on a CSR deal in July, it took $74.40 off, all-in price for 6 nights was $1088.
Same dates direct from Disney are $1696, so pretty nice savings.


Was just able to grab another night at Pop ($93) for our 4 day stay beginning tonight. Originally couldn’t get Sunday night when making the reservation, but kept checking Hotwire every day. Rooms are still listed on Disney site for $169 a night…love these Hotwire deals!