Hotels with free breakfast in the area?

We are coming in a night early. We’ll get there around 8pm the day before our resort checkin and package starts. I can book an extra night at our resort but they want me to pay for the extra day of dining too. But there’s no point in that since we obviously don’t need that day of dining. So I was just going to find a close hotel to stay at that night then move the next morning to our resort. I was hoping to get free breakfast at the hotel. Any recommendations?

Marriott Village has several hotels and all but one have a free breakfast. Other than that I can’t help ya other than to say that the dining might come in handy if you want to do a signature TS later during your trip. It;s not a day of dining it is per night so you can use the credits any way you want.

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I’d agree with @alitig1. If the cost isn’t outrageous I’d extend your resort stay and use the extra credits for a signature meal.

It’s quick service dining. Does that change anyone’s answer?

The cost would be about double what it would cost to get a hotel room someplace else.

ahhhh yea if you won’t get the extra TS credit to do a signature I would probably stay offsite. Check out groupon, they have deals on lots of hotels in the area. the new B resort looks really nice and I know they had a $99 special going on there for awhile. Not sure about included breakfast but it’s on that street heading into DTD. On the other hand you could book your extra night at your resort as a separate RO reservation so that you don’t have to pay for the dining plan the first night. You’d have to go back to the desk the next morning and there is some chance you could have to change rooms but an equally good chance they would check out you and and back in to the same room and then activate your dining plan. If you book through orbitz you could even get a bigger discount for the first night and potentially save enough to pay for breakfast.

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Have stayed here twice. Super clean hotel & a nice free breakfast. 10 min from WDW.