Hotel tours?

I was reading a blog concerning tours in some of the Disney hotels. For example AKL that look interesting. Has anyone done that and is it worth it? What is the cost and do you have to stay on Disney property?

I searched on Disney’s site, and found this AKL one at Happens on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7:00 a.m., costs $249, ages 10 and up. It appears to be open to anyone, you do not have to stay there. I have not done this.

If you simply want to explore the hotels on your own and do some recreational activities, this site had a good list of them.

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I’m booked in for the sense of Africa for our upcoming trip in December and just can’t wait!

I thought the lodge tour at akl is free?

There is a hotel tour that is free.

thank you everyone…This is something I will research more. It may be nice to eat there and see the sights…but I am concerned because I am staying off property (Only because I need room for 7).