Hotel suggestions for Marathon Weekend?

Hi everyone,
Is there a hotel you would recommend for Maraton Weekend? First I thought about staying in one of the Epcot adjacent hotels but the cost seems ridiculous. Decided on CSR because it is a grown ups only trip but when I called today all of CSR is already booked. The price for what was left at WL left me speechless so I booked CBR. I usually have good luck finding discounts closer to the time but wanted to make sure we had something definite in case registration for the 1/2 goes smoothly!
Thanks as always!

I LOVED being at Poly for marathon. I walked to TTC to monorail to EP for the start and it was the simplest thing ever. And quick back to my room after. The only thing that was less than awesome about it was the looooong ramp up to monorail after the race :rofl:

Still, when I do marathon again I will stay at Poly the night before and after at the very least.

That is a great idea! Hopefully I’ll get a different person when I call because I took up alot of the person’s time today with all of my questions!!!

Epcot area resorts are really nice for marathon weekend for us since we spend a lot of time just hanging out in Epcot… it’s an easy stumble back to the room on Sunday as we celebrate finishing another Dopey!

That is literally their job so don’t you dare feel bad about it.

Great advice!! Thanks!

You’re absolutely right! All I could think were how many people were trying to get through as I kept asking about diff. hotels!! It’s so much easier to do it online!

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I don’t think you can go wrong with any hotel. Disney transportation for the races is done very well for all the resorts.

You then need to look at other things that are important to you for race weekend. Weigh all those and the location should become clear.

For me, the room does not need to be that great. I spend most of my time away from the room on race weekend. When I do go back to the room, I immediately pass out from exhaustion. The next thing I know, the 2:30am alarm is going off.

Are you on a budget?
Do you need convenient access to the monorail and or skyliner?
Do you need to be at closer proximity to a specific park, pool, restaurant?

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Thanks so much for that! All bets (and budget) are now off…it turns out my friend HAS NEVER BEEN to WDW!!! EVER!!! And wants ears and matching outfits​:joy::joy::joy: probably switching to WL or the Poly​:tada::tada::tada::tada:. Glad to know the transportation is good. Oh-and she assumed she would go to the start with me….seriously how do I have such awesome people in my life​:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Great news!

Did you tell her she will be going at 3am? :rofl:


To her credit she was still all in! So funny! I told her absolutely not. I then laughed for the rest of the day about potential ears and outfits. She is the most put together person I know; this is going to be so funny!