Hotel suggestions? After flight/before official start?

First trip is coming up in September. We fly in late one night, need to sleep somewhere, then get to Disney World bright and early the next day. I’ve looked at places near the airport and places out closer to the Disney Springs area. Weve never been to Orlando at all so I don’t have an idea of what each area is like. We basically need a safe, clean hotel that’s pretty cheap. Free breakfast would be nice too. Any thoughts on the topic appreciated (including where not to stay!).

How late? I loved the Hyatt Regency at the airport, since you get off the plane, get your stuff and go upstairs to bed. No shuttles involved. Then, the next day, hop on the DME to DisneyWorld, or go down to rent a car, if you’re doing that.

Midnight FL time.

Well, it can’t hurt to check the price of the Hyatt.

Sometime their prices are high, but I’ve also found that they change. Keep checking. We had a room go down $30 the night before we were to check in. I had them change our reservation to reflect the new price and all was goo.

Anyway, at that time of night, I think even a pricey stay might be worth it.

Oooo! Good tip on the price changes. I’m checking for 4th of July specials today too

How bad is morning traffic? We may be better off driving towards WDW in the middle of the night rather than AM rush hour?

If you stayed at the airport Hyatt, you could get ME to Disney in the morning, and then hire a car at Disney.

You could arrange that ahead. Either they would come and pick you up and take you out to the car care centre, or you could go the Dolphin. We do this each trip, prices are reasonable compared with the airport rates.

We aren’t renting a car. We will either use Magical Express from the airport or Uber from the hotel to the resort. How long does ME take? We intend to spend a lot of time in a park that first day.

If you’re hoping for RD, then you might as well just book into your WDW hotel that night. It’ll be a late one and you’ll be exhausted the next morning, but you’ll be there and no fussing with opening and closing suitcases and double-checking you packed last night’s underwear and the curling/flat iron.

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If you are worried about price, it might be best to stay at an all star resort one night. You just leave your bags at the bell hop when you head out to the parks the next morning and they will transfer your luggage to your next resort. The process is seamless and you won’t have to worry about getting to Disney property the next day.

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When we had to do that we just booked a value. Easier to get in the bubble and start having fun.

We won’t make rope drop, but hoping to get there as quick as we can.

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If you’re really concerned about getting there early then I definitely would book one of the All Stars or Pop. It really is very easy to transfer between Disney resorts using bell services… we’ve done it many times.

If you’re more concerned about price I’d check Hotwire in the Disney Springs… I’ve never had a bad experience with any Hot Rate (where you just get the general vicinity it’s located in and the star level, with a percentage of how many other Hotwire customers would recommend it) hotel that had 80% or higher recommendations. There tend to be much cheaper Hot Rates for the Disney Springs area (which is why I recommended that area) but I like to try for Bonnet Creek, because it might be the Swan/Dolphin. I booked a 4-star, 90% recommended resort in the Disney World-Bonnet Creek area (the area that encompasses the WDW resort area, except for Disney Springs) for $133 and got the Hilton Bonnet Creek resort (11/25-11/26), but there was an 80% recommended 4-star in the Disney Springs area for $65!

I am planning on doing something similar, getting in late on Friday, checking into Disney on Satruday, but we are not planning to go to the park Sat until the afternoon.
I just searched on hotels close to the airport - there are plenty with free shuttle & free breakfast. I just look at the raitings and if they are national brand hotels near the hotel they look fine. Most I looked at between $65-$100 - For me even one of the all-stars would be over $100 (and no free breakfast) since we are really only going to be sleeping then getting up and leaving the next day we are just going to save a little money that first night. A few more souviners we can buy

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We are doing the exact same as you in September. We will get there after midnight and chose to book a room here. They have free parking and free breakfast. It was under $100 for the night. Much better|Clarion|US|Florida|BMM|CPC|Desktop|EN|B_G&ag=US|FL|Kissimmee&pmf=GOOGLE&kw= clarion suites kissimmee

Such good advice! Thank you all!! So here’s what we decided…we have 4 days of tickets and Monday is one of them so we’d rather not waste a lot of park time just getting there. Our resort had an availability for Sunday night (aka-Monday morning. I really wanted to ask for an early check in-ha!). So we booked another night at the resort which auto-added another day of dining.

The price of convenience is at least 2x the cost. :unamused: oh well.