Hotel Room View Category Updates

With Disney rolling out new hotel room categories for its Deluxe WDW resorts, we’re going room-by-room to update our view names to match.

We just rolled out updates to these resorts/rooms:

  • Contemporary Resort
  • Old Key West
  • Polynesian Villas and Bungalows
  • Wilderness Lodge (cash rooms)

And we’re testing these, with rollout likely next week:

  • Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House
  • BoardWalk Inn (cash rooms)
  • Polynesian Village (cash rooms)

We’ll process the remaining Deluxes after that, and prioritize Caribbean Beach.

A couple of notes:

  • I expect more changes to room category names in 2024. For example, the Polynesian’s cash rooms currently have a “Water View” and “Lagoon View” category. They both describe exactly the same room:

  • The Contemporary’s “Resort View” gets you a view of Bay Lake or the Magic Kingdom:

… so the one thing you’re guaranteed NOT to see with a resort view is any part of the Contemporary Resort?


Duh :roll_eyes:

Wasn’t that obvious from the room cat name??



I eventually got the difference from Disney about the Poly’s water/lagoon views (there are a handful of rooms in Tuvalu specifically with the ‘lagoon’ view, which we had to go through one by one.)


The number of times I mutter “Why, God? Why?” while doing this is frankly impressive.


I assume the “lagoon” is Seven Seas Lagoon? What do the rooms in Tuvalu see that the rooms in the other waterfront buildings do not?

I hope they fix that Contemporary issue. Theme Park View is a distinct category. I would never book there if I couldn’t guarantee Theme Park View.


The difference may be the room type more than the view? Moorea is DVC; Tuvalu is hotel Tuvalu would also have an unobstructed lagoon view; whereas Moorea would look over the bungalows.

Just guessing here. Obviously have no insider info


That would make sense.


The explanation that I got from Disney seemed to indicate that the view from Tuvalu was especially “lagoon-y”. And I’m being serious.


OMG that is priceless!

Is that going in the Unofficial Guide? :thinking: It’s a direct quote so…


Not a deluxe, but while we’re talking room categories, is king sized bed a bookable category at POFQ? I have garden view booked - my only choices were garden or pool - and I was looking to see if I could get a king since I’ll be solo and don’t need 2 beds. But the room finder seems to have it as a separate category regardless of view.

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Yes it is.


Thanks! We only get shown the categories eligible for the offer so I literally couldn’t even get a price for anything other than garden or pool view. I’ll stick with my 2 queens then.


Oh if it’s not available for your offer then I don’t think you could have that kind of room anyway - it is a more expensive room.


I would be mildly surprised if Disney doesn’t combine ‘Garden’ and ‘Standard’ into something like ‘Resort’ at the moderate resorts. So you’d have ‘Garden - King’ as an option.

I’m told more category changes are coming in 2024.


That’s what I didn’t know. I thought there would be king rooms in most views.

They are actually pretty limited in my experience


Here we are 8 months later and many of the resorts still have the old categories listed when I try to use the room finder. Too much time spent on changing the look of the site and not enough time spent on keeping track of updates and changes.

@TeamEvansGo I think I’ve got YC to finish up.

Disney was still changing room categories at GF and GFV as of late February. I don’t think they’re done yet, based on the data we’ve got from them.

Have I missed something beyond those? If so, let me know and I’ll ask for updates.


It does look like Grand Flo is different than what you have here. Dis has “Resort”, “Water”, “Theme Park” for the rooms (not the DVC side). Not sure what that maps to here.

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Ah, yes. Sorry. In the post above, “GF” and “GFV” represent Grand Floridian and Grand Floridian Villas.

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