Hotel recommendation for road trip from Michigan to Disney?

We’re driving in September from Michigan to Disney. Driving straight through is not an option (hubby refuses). I’m hoping to make it just south of Atlanta. Looking for hotel recommendations for the night. Just want clean, safe & cheap :smile: Any recs appreciated :smile:

I’m always hesitant to recommend any place as people’s expectations differ so much, but we stayed in a Quality Inn in Tifton, Georgia that was reasonably priced and felt pretty safe to us. It’s right off the I-75. I read in some reviews that people complained about dirty rooms but ours was good. It had an indoor pool and hot tub that we enjoyed. It also had a free hot breakfast. We went through Atlanta around 2 pm and didn’t get there until 5 pm so that may be farther than you want to travel. We had 4 hours left to drive in the morning till we arrived at Disney. For a one night stop over it was decent.

Thank you :slight_smile: I will look into it. I’m mostly worried because our van will be loaded down (3 adults & 3 kids worth of stuff), so I’m worried about the van getting broken in to :frowning: I also don’t want to have to unload the whole thing for the night. We would literally be staying there long enough to slep 6-7 hours and then back on the road.

Driving is so much cheaper but it’s 8-9 hours just for us to get out of Michigan! I love living in the U.P. But it sure makes it tough to drive to WDW

Ouch! We live only about an hour from Ohio, so not too bad :slight_smile: I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit the UP, just have ventured up that far yet :slight_smile:

I’m stunned @abcmuhn. You live here and haven’t been to the UP?? You really must go. Even if you just stay towards the eastern side. Beautiful! Mackinaw, taquenanam falls, pictured rocks… Stop at Sleeping bear dunes on the way home. The kids would love it. Western UP and Winter trips are an adventure all of their own. I sound like Tim Allen. Lol. Enjoy your Disney

@legomaster, I know I know :slight_smile: Growing up, my faimly always travelled south (to Tennessee), and I do mean always! DH & I have just started exploring Michigan these last few years (and we’ve lived here all our lives, except a few years in TN)! Once the kiddos get a little older (they’re 4,almost3, and almost2) we’ll explore areas further away from us :smile:

I’m a troll originally…but I’ve been in rehab for 20 yrs! Came to the UP for college and never left. It truly is a beautiful place. If you’re ever in the Marquette area I can set you up with a UP TP!