Hotel Information/Suggestions


This is why we have such a hard time justifying on-site prices. On a Disney trip we’re never in a hotel room longer than to sleep & shower!


I agree. Unfortunately DH HATES to travel and staying onsite is how I get him to agree to go, otherwise I would be good with staying off site as well. I have to admit I am a little spoiled now with EEs every morning and that would be tough to give up, but I am sure I could adjust.


I think that if a hotel is just a place to sleep, then a clean, comfortable place is all that is needed. If you want a resort holiday with a pool and other services, then you want to consider staying on-site.

Sometime we just want to use it as a place to sleep, sometimes we want to have the resort experience so we stay on site.


I tried to talk to DH about staying offsite on our next trip. EE is too valuable to him! His favorite time of the day in Disney is from EE to about lunch.


Sounds like our husbands would get along :wink:. Normally I am fine with it because I can usually find a deal, but it is much tougher in summer, but I really wanted to go to DL for my birthday, so I am paying through the nose!


We really liked Candy Cane Inn. Good breakfast, short walk to the parks, small but nice pool, relatively convenient shuttle and free parking.


Do you remember the breakfast buffet they had there before it was the pizza press? It was our fave. 10$ and kids were free. While I absolutely love the changes at the hotel, and the Pizza Press, I sure do miss that breakfast!


Breakfast buffet sounds awesome! We didn’t first stay at the Anaheim until this year so I didn’t ever know it. When we first started going and our kids were 2 and an infant, we didn’t want to be very far so after liking the Tropicana/Camelot we didn’t venture very far. Now that their prices are so much higher, we rarely stay there.


Yeah our first and only time actually staying at the Anaheim they had just changed the name and the construction for the Pizza Press had just started.


So would you recommend the tropicana? looks like they have a good deal for my birthday trip!! I just want to stay somewhere close. was gonna splurge for a onsite and I just can’t justify the cost!


I haven’t tried the Tropicana since they refurbished their rooms but whenever we’ve stayed it’s met the needs of being a clean, comfortable, safe room to crash. The biggest plus is the location. Love not having to walk very far at all to be back in the room!!


Do any of them offer breakfast? Right now I am torn between Tropicana and Park Vue


I’m staying at Park Vue in March. They have breakfast and are super close to the parks.


No bfast at Tropicana but it isn’t too far away from McD’s or Panera which offer good options at relative lower costs than in park food.

Park Vue has a great hot bfast that fully replaces a meal. They also have free parking which I love & fabulous customer service which I love even more! If Park Vue Inn isn’t too much more, it wins my businsss. Be sure to factor in the cost of bfast & any parking that you would be paying if booking at Tropicana. That said, if Trop has a good rate that will fit the budget they are a great option!!