Hotel hopping on site

So we decided to do a surprise hotel stay next week when we were going to be staying with family but my daughter and I really need some girl time away. SO this leads into my question, due to the short notice/availability and cost difference we are doing the first night at Disneyland Hotel and the second night at Grand Californian. We are only going to the parks one day (the day we switch hotels). Has anyone done this and was it very complicated? I was hoping they would just move our bags from one room to the other but it sounds like they may not. Thoughts?


I haven’t done that in a while and I’m not sure if they will move your bags for you. Might be worth a call! But if they don’t, you’ll probably want to Uber over even though it’s walking distance. The only way to get between is through busy pedestrian areas.


Yes bell services will transfer your bags to/from your DL hotels.

Be sure and pack a day bag because they may show up later in the day/evening.