Hotel faxing using touring plans

Hello people

I think I am being a little dumb. I’m struggling to edit my dash board to include a preferred room for my stay, so the lovely people at touring plans can send a fax

At the moment it says wilderness lodge any room. A little concerned that the fax will go with this information as I may as well show some preference. I accessed the fax request service once,but didn’t finish or add my booking details. Of course 18 days away from my holiday it’s time to think about making polite requests and I can not remember what to do.

Can anyone help this computer illiterate English boy please:-)

You should be able to click on the resort name. When you do so, it will take you to a page that has drop down menus of room options you can choose, as well as a map of the resort. Make selections and then click “show matching rooms.” A couple rooms will pop up with a picture of that room’s view and some details about the room. If you see one you like, click the picture and you’ll be taken to that room’s page. At the top right corner it says “Click here to make a request for this room during your upcoming trip.” Click there and it’ll take you to the fax request page and fill in that room’s info, plus a list of similar rooms. Just fill in the other details and save. Easy peasy!

Thank you very much, it was the click the picture part I was missing.