Hotel & Express Pass

We’re staying for two nights, will our express pass work for both days or will we have to go somewhere to get separate ep’s?

If you’re staying at Portofino Bay, Hard Rock or Royal Pacific then you get Express pass included and if you’re staying 2 nights, you have it for 3 days because you can use it on check in and check out day as well as the one in the middle.

If you’re staying at one of the others, it’s not included at all and you’ll need to buy it if you want it.


Is the express pass that you buy only good for 1 day?

It depends on what EP you buy. It is always date specific when you purchase it. The price varies with the date.

EP purchased as a standalone ticket is good for one day only.

You can bundle Unlimited EP with a park-to-park admission ticket. You will have to select the days you will use EP.

These tickets are available in one- and multi-day varieties; admission and unlimited Express access are included for however many days you choose. Please note that a PARK-TO-PARK TICKET + UNIVERSAL EXPRESS UNLIMITED is date-specific – you’ll have to select which days you are going to use it during the purchasing process. However, you do not have to use your days consecutively; like standard admission tickets, once your pass is first used, you have a 14-day window to use any remaining days on it.