Hotel Discount - New Annual Pass

Hi there! I tried searching the forum for this topic and couldn’t find it so I hope this is not a repeat!

We are heading to Disney in a few weeks and this will be the visit where we activate our annual passes that we purchase back in April. Our hope is to check into the hotel first to head directly to Disney Springs for a late dinner.

We have the AP discount on our hotel room. My question is, do we need to first activate our pass before checking in or as long as we activate during the length of our stay will we be ok?

Any advice you have would be great!

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Activate upon visiting your first park. Make sure the dates on your card are up to date in order to get AP discounts on your meals and purchases.

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It is linked to your MDE account so you should be fine.

To clarify, it is linked to my account but I have not yet activated it. So I should be able to check into the hotel with the discount without that activated yet?

Yes, it should not be an issue. I would actually just do online check in and go direct to your room.

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I bought a new annual pass when they went on sale and then got a hotel room at AP discount in July. Our first day, I did not go to the parks, just checked in and then went to dinner at California Grill. I activated it on the second day. I used my AP discount to purchase an item at the gift shop on the first day and at dinner was well.


This is so helpful! They gave you no trouble with that hotel discount?
Also, isn’t California Grill just the best? :slight_smile:

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An AP is still #lifegoals for me so just popping in to say welcome, congrats on the new AP, and hope you have so much fun on your upcoming trip!!

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Nope! And I checked in at the front desk because my room was not ready, and I don’t remember them asking for my AP.

When I did buy something at the store, they walked me through showing the details of my MagicMobile in my apple wallet.

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I had really high hopes for it, and everyone in my party LOVED it. But - I’m allergic to shellfish, mushrooms, and pistachios, and the only appetizers I could have were the salad and the nigiri (I really wanted the beef wontons.) They brought us a round of champagne to try to make up for it, and I don’t drink. :woman_facepalming: I was sick all night so I probably had some sort of cross contamination as well. If it was a steak house, I would go again though - the service was wonderful and the restaurant was really beautiful.

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Just a reminder. If you renewed your AP there is NO activation required. It becomes active automatically on it’s anniversary date.

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this. What a bummer :frowning: