Hotel Check in/Express Passes

Hello! We are back to UOR next week! We are staying offsite, save for one night mid-week when we booked a night at RPR for express passes/EPA. We are planning to be at the parks the day before the official check in day. Does anyone know if it would be possible to do a partial kind of “check in” to get our cards the night before since they aren’t activated with a room number til the next afternoon anyways? This wouldn’t be to use express passes or anything, just to avoid the lines the next morning. The lines last year were an enormous pain and moved incredibly slowly.



They can’t give them to you until your check in day. Even though the keys aren’t assigned to a room yet they are still issued in your name(s) and printed on the card/key. They can’t print that onto the card without starting the check-in process which their terminals won’t allow until the day of check-in.

I’ve tried to do this before when I did resort hopping during a long stay and splitting time at multiple on-site hotels.

If you can make it over to RPR before 7am you’ll have a much easier wait. 7am - 9am is a peak time for front desk, along with 3pm - 5pm.

Have fun!!


So, we check in the evening before our 1st park day. Will they be able to issue tickets and everything when we arrive? How are the front desk waits in the evening?

Yes when you check in you’ll obviously get your room key and that’s your express pass. We’ve had the ticket desk at Hard Rock print out tickets on arrival, I assume you’ll be able to do that too.