Hot Water

Is anyone aware of a new policy on giving out hot water in the parks for baby bottles? When we went in Nov & Dec we had no issues. Now they no longer want to give you hot water “for safety reasons” they claim. Just curious if I missed a policy change.

Haven’t heard that. Are they willin got sell you a hot tea?? I’d ask and if they say yes then. Order a hot tea, no teabag.


Umm this sounds nuts to me! How many hot cups of coffee do they sell each day? Plus like @OBNurseNH said, you could just order tea. Is it possible that a single rogue CM decided to be the safety police for the day?

I remember the baby centers had the water bubblers with hot/cold taps. You could get hot water out of there. Might not be super hot though.

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We did go to one Baby Center, but only one per park is not convenient. Had this happen at multiple parks. Once they wouldn’t even give my wife hot water for “tea” because she was pushing a double stroller (That was definitely a rouge, over the top CM). Was a bit frustrating, didn’t happen every time, but enough to make we wonder if there was a change.