Horses at Fort Wilderness

On the last day of our January trip we are planning to have brunch at Trail’s End. Part of the reason I have picked this place is to see the horses at the ranch.

And of course it was before the ranch closure due to Reflections construction.

Has anyone been at FW recently? Can we still find horses anywhere at this resort?

They’re still doing the wagon and carriage rides. It’s not visiting the horses or pony / trail rides but you can at least be in proximity to some horses.

Thank you!
Is it near the main entrance or the Trail’s End area?

Sorry, I’m actually not certain where they are as we’re not doing them this year. I briefly looked at them before deciding to rent a golf cart instead. I think it says on the website.

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There is a large stable by the main entrance bus station, as well as the Circle D Ranch near Trails End where horse drawn carriage rides are. But I am not sure how you visit the animals at either location. The Circle D looked to be blocked off when we were there last month, and we saw a sign that carriage rides were not available the day we had a reservation at Trails End. Not sure if that was a temporary thing that day or what. This might be one of those things where its best to simply call Disney directly and ask about what you hope to do.

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Found the blog post:

And the carriage rides are from Crocket’s Tavern (found that on the WDW site).

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